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Unofficial Partner is the number one sports business podcast. We’ve quickly built a reputation for entertaining and thought provoking industry coverage.


It’s hard to stand out from the crowd when everybody does the same thing, year in, year out.  We all attend the same awards, go to the same conferences and read the same email newsletters. 


So how can you cut through to reach new customers in a world awash with B2B sports content?


We know there’s a need for something new. And that’s why we created Unofficial Partner. 

We work with a small network of clients to create brilliant thought leadership content. We lead on podcasts which can then be used as the basis of other editorial outcomes including print, digital and live events.

If you want to talk to us about including podcasts in your 2020 marketing plans, get in touch with our publisher Sean Singleton at Sean@unofficialpartner.co.uk 

Why We Believe in The Power of Podcasts

1. Deep engagement: Podcasts are an intimate medium, with a community of listeners that includes many senior figures from across the sports industry. We know this because they tell us.

2. Long tail: Podcasts offer enduring value over time. Once they find us, new listeners go on to explore our back catalogue, giving our partners an ongoing return on investment.

3. Value for money: The cost of a partnership is very competitive when set against alternative marketing options, such as one-off events like awards and conferences.

4. Flexibility: a podcast pillar can be tailored to work in conjunction with other client marketing activity.

5. Bespoke content: as a pillar partner, clients would have input into the topics, themes and guest choices - see details on specific brand proposal below.

6. Hosting: We can host the recording of the podcast at client’s offices or a venue of your choice. This allows client personnel to meet with high profile or valued potential stakeholders.

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