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Charlotte Ellingham

Senior Account Manager

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Best pitch presenter you’ve ever seen  

Carsten Thode

Best sports marketing campaign (that wasn’t yours) 

Heads Together. A very

important campaign particularly with their work in football

Best agency (that isn’t yours)

W&K, Matta. W&K for their inspiring Nike work

and Matta for how they are challenging the status quo.

Best young industry talent 

Xenia Hughes at Right Formula. She’s eager to learn

and incredibly tenacious. A young talent who will go far




Best sporting event attended

Women’s Vitality World Cup, watching England

Women play at Lee Valley in front of that crowd that size was a dream come true

Best sporting event on TV

The Olympic Games. It’s one of the few events which

turns everyone into a sport expert, and transcends that moment in time to bring

everyone together

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Best brand ambassador 

Roger Federer

Best Industry Event or Conference

Sports Industry Awards

Best film containing a scene depicting the sports 

Jerry Maguire, ‘Show

me the money!’

Best book recommendation

Open by Andre Agassi

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Best pub or bar

Long Bar in Raffles Hotel, Singapore

Best restaurant

Hakkasan in Abu Dhabi

Best holiday resort

Anywhere on the Cote d’Azur

Best box set

The Crown on Netflix but a recent contender is The Last Dance

Best influence on your career

I have been lucky to have some great managers who I have been able to learn from

and have guided me during my career this includes; Jo Robinson, Chris Coles, Adam Shapland, David Gerty and Andy Stone





Best dinner companions (min 4, max 6)

Jennifer Aniston, Duchess of Cambridge,

David Attenborough, Dina Asher-Smith and Mary Berry

Best job in the sports biz 

Head of Marketing at the IOC

Best professional regret

We all have them but they only stay as regrets if you

don’t learn from them

Best skill you most covet

Attention to detail and Integrity

Best trait you admire in others 

Being able to hold a room

Best overrated virtue

Patience, some have too much and some have too little

Best ambition 

To work for/with the IOC

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