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Chris Soult 

Sports PR & Marketing Consultant

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Best pitch presenter you’ve ever seen  

Henry Chappell at Pitch – a natural presenter with boundless energy and charisma.

Best sports marketing campaign (that wasn’t yours) 

Sky’s ‘Whole New Ball Game’ campaign for the Premier League launch in 1992. Completely transformed football and the product we see today. 

Best agency (that isn’t yours)

Two Circles – identified the power and possibilities of data before it became fashionable. 


Best young industry talent 

From a broader marketing perspective, I’m always hugely impressed with Steven Bartlett, CEO of Social Chain, whenever I see or hear him. He nails the art of being hyper-relevant while articulating simple and effective leadership techniques that can be applied in any business




Best sporting event attended

Last year’s Cricket World Cup while working with Uber Eats was pretty special – I missed out on the Final but it was great to see three of England’s group games en route to winning the tournament.

Best sporting event on TV

Wimbledon – continues to seamlessly fuse the traditional with the latest technology and synonymous with long, balmy summer evenings (when it’s not raining!)

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Best brand ambassador 

Not a brand ambassador per se but the work Marcus Rashford has been doing recently in support of local charities has been phenomenal. It’s refreshing to finally see the work a lot of young footballers do in their communities getting the credit it deserves.

Best Industry Event or Conference

Sport Industry Awards – it’s not called the Oscars of the sports world for nothing!

Best film containing a scene depicting the sports 

The Damned United – some great lessons in people management and proof that the cream will always rise to the top.

Best book recommendation

Africa Solo: My World Record Race from Cairo to Cape Town, by Mark Beaumont – an incredible story of human endurance and perseverance. 

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Best pub or bar

Right now, any would do, but probably 230 Fifth in New York for the views. And I’m still looking for a new local that beats my old stomping ground of The Antelope in Surbiton.

Best restaurant

The Store in Croydon is a great new local find.  

Best holiday resort

Costa Rica – a picture perfect oasis of calm and harmony in an otherwise turbulent world.

Best box set

Mad Men – unbelievable attention to detail from an aesthetic POV and a must-watch for anyone in the creative industries. 

Best influence on your career

I’ve learned plenty from people over the years (both good and bad!), but a special shout out to Emma Newell – moulded me from a raw and naive graduate fresh out of university to someone with the belief and ambition to go on and make a career in the sports industry. 





Best dinner companions (min 4, max 6)

Brian Clough (a must for any Derby fan!), Jimi Hendrix, Levison Wood, Barack Obama, Ronnie O’Sullivan and Jamie Oliver (for the food!)

Best job in the sports biz 

Professional golfer. Potential for a 30+ year career traveling the world and getting plenty of fresh air – absolute dream. 

Best professional regret

Lots. But we can’t change the past so best to take them on the chin and move on.

Best skill you most covet

The ability to play any sort of musical instrument! 

Best trait you admire in others 

Teamwork – if someone isn’t pulling in the same direction as everyone else, the wheels soon come off. 

Best overrated virtue

Working long hours just to prove ‘value’ – the most rounded and productive individuals are the ones that aren’t chained to their desks.

Best ambition 

To see the sports industry emerge largely intact from COVID-19 and become more collaborative as a result. 

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