Ben Jones

Sports Director/Creative Director

Best pitch presenter you’ve ever seen:

Mark Whelan, Havas

Best sports marketing campaign (that wasn’t yours):

Under Armour Rule Yourself Michael Phelps

Best agency (that isn’t yours): Dark Horses

Best young industry talent:  Alex Groom, Cake (Havas)

Best sporting event attended:  Euro96 England Vs Holland.

Best sporting event on TV: Liverpool vs Arsenal and that goal….

Best brand ambassador: Jordan and Nike for sheer longevity and success

Best industry event or conference: Sports Business awards

Best film containing a scene depicting the sports business: Raging Bull.

Best book recommendation:  Sports – Addicted Tony Adams. Non Sport – Paul Arden – Its not how good you are.


Best bar or pub: The Queens - Crouch End

Best restaurant: Afghan Kitchen Islington

Best holiday resort: Bodrum Peninsula

Best box set: The Wire

Best influence on your career:  Paul Arden and my Dad

Best dinner companions (min 4, max 6):

Lee Harvey Oswald, Richie Manic, The man in control of Area 51, Barrack Obama, Thierry Henry, Paul Arden

Best job in the sports biz: Running your own sports agency with a group of brave, creative clients.

Best professional regret: Not getting into directing younger and bottling out of pulling the wool over the eyes of The Sun newspaper with a fake story on the front page.

Best skill you most covet: Ability to connect and work with people. It’s the only skill that you can’t do without in the new future of work

Best trait you admire in others: believing in your creative vision and never wavering in the face of pressure to change.

Best overrated virtue: Compassion


Best ambition: to do great stuff and be rememberd for it.

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