Florian Viho.png

Age : 22 

Where were you born? In Clamart, a suburb near Paris 

Describe yourself in three words : athlete, passionate, determinate 

Which social media platform do you go to first? Instagram

When did you first know you wanted to work in sport?

Since I knew basketball will not be my full time job. After my first year in college I had to make a choice between my career and my studies. It had become impossible to conciliate both. For some reason I chose my studies but I knew that I could not leave the sports world. You have to do something that your love for a living and I am a sport addict.

What’s your dream job?

Working at Paris 2024

What’s your greatest fear?

I’m afraid of not being up to the expectations I have for myself in what I undertake

You have the power to make one change to the Olympics, what would it be?

I will add football (American football) as a new sports. I love this sports and I think that it is one of the most entertaining and exciting sports. I want to see football during the Olympics. I wish that sport become more democratized

What mistakes do sports make when they target people like you?

Sports actors think sometimes that we can get easily satisfied. But we don’t. We are demanding with people the same way that we are with ourselves. The new generation of sports workers, the Global Sports Week Young Sports Makers are full of ideas, full of ambitions and always want to go further.