Max Patrick Fomeju.png

Age: 23

    Where were you born?
Douala, Cameroon

    Describe yourself in three words
Sports addict, curious and ambitious

    Which social media platform do you go to first?

    When did you first know you wanted to work in sport?
I was 5 and it was during the 2002 African Cup of Nation in Bamako (Mali), won by Cameroon, of course!

    What’s your dream job?
ultisports Club President or CEO of my own sports and education structure in Africa (just a thought for the moment :)

    What’s your greatest fear?
To lose my parents too early, even if it will be too early, anyway :/

    You are given the power to make one change to the Olympics, what would it be?
Postpone it :)  More seriously, I would not change the rules of the tournament itself but maybe I would change IOC politics, especially about the organization of the Olympics. I think they could do more to financially help cities to organize it, it would change the perception of people who don't particularly like sports and think that Olympics is just a way to waste tax money. 

What mistakes do sports make when they target people like you? 
Think that we are stupid, and not aware of the business reality. I think the future of business and especially sports business is purpose business, based on respect, confidence, and transparency. If the goal is always to just sell products, I think we're heading for disaster. Today, with the Internet and social media, we can all have access to a lot of files and reports about companies' politics concerning their impacts on the environment, customers data protection, or even employees' work conditions. I think sports companies, no matter the sector, should more respect their consumers or customers and be transparent with them, and especially with us, the young ones. It's the best way to create a worldwide and loyal community for me.