Karina Mukanova.png

Age: 25

    Where were you born? Kazakhstan

    Describe yourself in three words: People-, place- and passion-driven

    Which social media platform do you go to first? Instagram

    When did you first know you wanted to work in sport?

When I started working for the Organizing Committee of 2017 FISU Winter Universiade in Almaty and realized that I can apply all strongest skills to this particular industry

    What’s your dream job?

Full-time researcher and professor at one of the high-profile sport universities in the world / Create a higher educational programme

    What’s your greatest fear? 

To give up

You have the power to make one change to the Olympics, what would it be?

No longer to have "one host city concept" and allow multiple territories simultaneously to host the disciplines that they are more competent to host in terms of infrastructure and natural sites, which will make events more sustainable.

What mistakes do sports make when they target people like you?

In terms of sport participation, diverse sports school programs in remote areas to make schoolchildren try different sports to promote positive sports experience and continuous healthy lifestyle
In terms of sports career opportunities, to have fewer limitations and quotas for overseas people to work in the sports industry