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Dan Lipman 

Chief Commercial Officier

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Best pitch presenter you’ve 

ever seen

Not a pitch, but topical. I was incredibly impressed with 

Professor Chris Whitty the Chief Medical Officer for England who flanked Boris Johnson during the COVID-19 press conferences. His mix of poise, confidence, 

compassion and appropriate humour in a very difficult situation really blew me away. 

Best sports marketing campaign (that wasn’t yours)

Not so much a single campaign but I love how FitBit tapped into the sense of social 

competitiveness to turn a step tracker into a global tech wearable success. 








Best agency (that isn’t yours)

Delete. Fantastic website, creative and strategy business. We work closely together and I love the way they tease out the strategic objectives of their clients and represent these through their user experiences. ​

Best young industry talent

Our team is full of them, and they are all super talented. For today I'll pick out Seb Lear who has headed out to Australia to run our AUS & NZ business and is making significant waves (not just the surfing kind). 


Best sporting event attended

England vs NZ World Cup Semi-Final 2019 (wow!) 


Best sporting event on TV

Cricket World Cup Final 2019, although I actually watched it on an iphone at a Barmitzvah so not quite TV. 

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Best brand ambassador

Jessica Ennis. Crossed paths on a few different occasions throughout my career and she's always been a delight. 


Best Industry Event or Conference

Leaders London. Like speed dating for sports industry meetings. 

Best film containing a scene depicting the sports

Remember the Titans. Perhaps not the sports business, but the history of sport. Emotional. 

Best book recommendation

Pour Your Heart Into It. Biography of the Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz  

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Best pub or bar

100 Wardour Street - the live bands there are always exceptional 



Best restaurant

MNKY House (but do love a wagas!) 


Best holiday resort

Gili Isands was up there. 

Best box set


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Best influence on your career

Two Nicks. Nick Harvard Taylor of Chime who first got me into the sports industry and Nick Rusling (below) of Human Race who took a chance on hiring me into a senior role with slender experience and mentored me for

6 years. Thanks guys! 













Best dinner companions (min 4, max 6)

Theirry Henry, Pablo Escobar, Ellen Degeneres, Arnold Schwarzenegger (wondering what this says about me) 

Best job in the sports biz

My bosses ;)  


Best professional regret

Nothing comes to mind (either things are going really well or I need to get better at self reflection) 

Best skill you most covet

I can beatbox and sing at the same time.... 

Best trait you admire in others 

The ability to say a lot without saying very much at all. 

Best overrated virtue

hmm tough one maybe patience, but that's possibly because I don't have much. 

Best ambition 

Wake up every day and look forward to the day ahead - I'm pleased to say working in the sports industry I feel like this 90% of the time.   

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