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Co-founder and chair, Dugout

Best pitch presenter:

Best I have seen is a guy called Ted Devine who worked for Aon, he was immense at holding small and large groups. Some of the best salespeople I have ever seen come from the Insurance industry. They have to try and get the meeting as nobody is excited about insurance so it’s full of enormous personalities who use that to drive pitches and sales. 


Best sports marketing campaign:

For me it’s impossible is nothing from Adidas. It just sticks with me. 


Best Agency:

I am hugely impressed by Octagon and Team. Superb management teams and strength in depth. They both just get it. 


Best young industry talent:

Seb Grey at Dugout hands down. To build a Business at such a young age with the challenges faced and be utterly fearless doing it. 


Best sporting event attended:

Rugby World Cup final in Sydney in 2003. 


Best sporting event on TV:

Any Masters at Augusta but Sandy Lyle’s win is the stand out one if pushed. 


Best Brand Ambassador: Roger Federer


Best industry event or conference: Leaders in London.  


Best film with a scene depicting the sports business:

Jerry McGuire. Film still fresh now and the messages  even more relevant. 


Best book recommendation:

The spy series featuring Gabriel Allon by Daniel Silva. Pure escapism.


Best bar or Pub: The bar in Claridges


Best restaurant:

“Cockneys” pie and mash. In Notting Hill.

Best holiday resort:

Maldives. Cheval Blanc resort. Most relaxed I have ever felt in my adult life.

Best influence on your career:

Worked with so many incredible people across different industries. Impossible to have a stand out one apart from my father who instilled a work ethic in all of us that was maniacal (sometime I wish he hadn’t). 


Best box set:

Boardwalk Empire 

Best dinner companions:

My wife, Oliver Lloyd of BLJ (and close friend), Alan Brazil and Ray Parlour who are just relentless banter. Wake up after a night with this lost chuckling with a big bill (they all lose their wallets just at the right time) and a sore head. 


Best job in sports biz:

Chairman of Premier League. Envy of the world and with certain skill sets deployed will continue to be industry defining. 


Best professional regret:

Too trusting in wrong people who don’t have what it takes. Doesn’t stop me repeating it though. Thankfully not for a while. 


Best skill you most covet.

To allow pregnant pauses to pass without feeling the need to say something.


Best trait you admire in others:

Stick to their word no matter what. 


Best overrated virtue: Patience 


Best ambition:

To help build a great company that changes the way people see an industry and does even better after your time there is over.

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