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Ged Colleypriest


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Best pitch presenter you’ve ever seen   

Jonathan Vaughters, the Team Manager at EF- Education First Cycling. The passion he has for the sport, his team and for ‘winning the right

way’ is incredible.

Best sports marketing campaign (that wasn’t yours) 

I won’t be the first or the last to say ‘This Girl Can.’ As well as being genuinely meaningful, it was cool, had swagger and was

authentic. It’s definitely had an impact in terms of participation and the perception of women in


Best agency (that isn’t yours)

Dark Horses are mighty impressive. At the large end of the

scale, Saatchi produce great work. I like agencies that are genuinely imaginative, both those

come from a creative starting point.

Best young industry talent 

Cathy Bettinson, who signed for DAZN at the start of the year. I

was fortunate enough to work with her at Ball Street and she’s the safest pair of hands in the



Best sporting event attended

Wales beating England at Twickenham.

Best sporting event on TV

This is so tough. Since 1992, my life has revolved around televised

sport and I’ve seen so many great things. 2012 was the most remarkable sporting year, Bradley

Wiggins, Jess Ennis, Man City and Andy Murray were all incredible moments but the Ryder Cup at Medinah was the kind of jaw-dropping comeback that makes sport so special.

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Best brand ambassador 

Usain Bolt is one of the greatest characters to have graced any

sport. The best sportspeople don’t usually have the kind of charisma he does. PUMA has done nice stuff with him but he’s been an ambassador for a troubled sport for over a decade too.

Best Industry Event or Conference

Sheridan’s Sports Masterclass.




Best film containing a scene depicting the sports 

Hoop Dreams. There seems to be something about basketball that makes compelling films.

Best book recommendation

The Dirtiest Race in History by Richard Moore. It’s about the Men’s 100m final at the Seoul Olympics and the doping that surrounds it. But it reads like a​ political thriller.

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Best pub or bar

This is almost as tough as the question about the best sporting event on TV!

I’m writing this during lockdown, so I’d kill for a pint in any pub but I do love The Harp in Charing


Best restaurant

Le Relais de Venise. There’s quite a few in London but I love the Marylebone

one. No menu, no choice, just a knock-out steak frites, great red wine and...they bring you


Best holiday resort

Mallorca. Having an ice cold beer with the family after cycling (very slowly)

around the island is one of life’s great pleasures.

Best box set

The Sopranos. I overheard the ending in a pub once, so knew what was going to

happen and despite this, it still flawed me.

Best influence on your career

My wife. She told me to do my own thing and I’d have never

done it without those words.

Best dinner companions (min 4, max 6)

As my business is inspired by underdog stories, I’d

like to share it with some of the best. Brian Clough, Graeme Obree, Muhammad Ali, Mary Cain.  All of these, and Springsteen, because he’s Springsteen.




Best job in the sports biz 

Athlete. They’re the stars of the show at the end of the day.

Best professional regret

Not setting up my own thing earlier. Answer to yourself, make your

own mistakes, learn from them, get better, enjoy the wins, they taste sweeter when it’s your


Best skill you most covet 

Good swing bowling

Best trait you admire in others 


Best overrated virtue 

Chastity doesn’t feel very relevant in 2020!

Best ambition 

Create a world where fans love sponsors.  

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