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Head of Influencer Insight

and Relations

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Best skill you most covet:

Management - balancing between being empathetic in certain situations and having authority in others. Getting things done to a great quality and with efficiency, whilst working with a great team to do so. 

Best sporting event attended:

Formula E, New York Race Weekend 2018 

Best sports marketing campaign:

Paddy Power (Huddersfield Kit) and Under Armour - Rule Yourself.

Best sporting event on TV:

World Cup 2018 - huge sense of togetherness around London when we (England) made it to the semis.

Best brand ambassador:

Josh Patterson for Adidas - Limitless Series.

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Best young industry talent:

Alex Scott - saw her presenting the BT sports Industry this year. Love how she commands the audience’s attention and speaks with passion and pride about women in sports.

Best industry event or conference:

BT Sport Industry Awards, looking forward to winning next year!

Best film containing a scene depicting the sports business:

Eddie the Eagle.


Best book recommendation:

Mad, by Chloe Esposito.

Best restaurant:

Locanda del gusto, Palermo.

Best bar or pub:

Lindos By Night Bar or Raised, Chicago.

Best holiday resort:

Rhodes, Santorini, Ios… anywhere in Greece is a win! 

Best influence on your career:

Arron Shepherd, Harry Hugo and Nick Cooke for giving me the opportunity at Goat as an Intern and the freedom and motivation for me to now be leading my own team within the company, 2 years on. Frankie Hobbs and Emily Hall for teaching me everything I know and everyone on my team for being so hardworking - makes me proud every day! Tom Bore and Sophie Hardie, you’re ok too. 

Best professional regret: Grateful for any of my regrets, I learn from my mistakes and it’s made me into the businesswoman I am today.

Best job in the sports biz: Agent for Megan Rapinoe.

Best dinner companions: Malala Yousafzai, Grace Graham, Beyonce, Michael McIntyre, Ferne Cotton and Robin Williams if he was still here today!

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