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Helen Nicholls

Marketing Executive at InCrowd Sports

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Best pitch presenter you’ve ever seen: Not so much for a pitch, but I'd say Brene Brown - I wasn't there in person but dialled into a live talk and watch back most things she does. So captivating.

Best sports marketing campaign (that wasn’t yours):

Reebok - Be More Human or Nikes cheeky guerilla advertising outside the CrossFit games a few years ago! (

Best agency (that isn’t yours):

I really like how Fifty Digital present themselves

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Best young industry talent:

Nick Hayden from Sports Biz Group - - he's creating an incredible online community of sports industry peers, open to all levels.

Best sporting event attended:

Finally seeing my beloved Red Sox, in person, at the London Stadium last summer. We lost to The Yankees and it wasn't at Fenway but I loved every minute. NUFC vs Man City with The Toon winning 5-4 and all 9 goals in the second half was pretty memorable as well!



Best sporting event on TV: Getting up at 4am to watch England Netball win Commonwealth Gold in an absolute nailbiter of a match. Or, of course, Super Saturday at London 2012.

Best brand ambassador: Steph Curry for everything he's attached to. Seems like a genuinely nice guy and pretty magnetic.
Best industry event or conference:  Sports Pro events and Leaders Week always deliver.

Best industry event or conference:  Sports Pro events and Leaders Week always deliver.

Best film containing a scene depicting the sports business: Draft Day with Kevin Costner. I never understood the behind the scenes of NFL draft day until I saw this film. There's a scene where they are bouncing around four franchises on phone calls to create a deal. It's tremendous.

Best book recommendation: Impossible to suggest just one!

Best bar or pub:  We found this small restaurant/bar in Praiano on the Amalfi Coast, Il Pirata. On a very balmy evening, we sat on the terrace drinking wine, looking out across the water at a thunderstorm raging miles away. It stuck with me. sports bar? Champions in Boston or Any O'Learys Franchise.

Best restaurant: I'm not fancy - give me Wagamamas or Nandos.

Best holiday resort: I try to avoid resorts - but I do love Disneyland Florida because of Childhood memories.

Best box set: The Office (US)

Best influence on your career: My colleagues now - joining InCrowd was my move into the sports industry and I've learnt an incredible amount in the 2.5 years I've been there.

Best dinner companions (min 4, max 6): Steph Curry. Jimmy Fallon. Emily Blunt. The Rock. Dawn French and posthumously, Kobe.

Best job in the sports biz: Marketing at InCrowd of course...... or working on the marketing team for the Boston Celtics. 

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Best professional regret:  Coordinating an exhibition space at a huge trade event in Germany and completely forgetting to ship anything to a smaller event in Paris. The team there had nothing. I cringe just thinking about that phone call. 

Best skill you most covet: Perhaps cliche, but I find it easy to talk to anyone & everyone in a way that seems to make them feel comfortable. I'm good a reading people; personality, mood etc. Sounds simple, but it's a skill I find quite a few people lack!

Best trait you admire in others:  

A getup and go attitude. I admire people who really go after what they want and what they want to achieve.
Best overrated virtue: If we're going for Aristotle's 12, I'd say patience is the most underrated today! 

Best overrated virtue: If we're going for Aristotle's 12, I'd say patience is the most underrated today! 

Best ambition: I have a very active imagination and I'm constantly thinking of stories scenarios that I never get down on paper. Children's book, actual novel; I'd love to do that one day and see where it could go.

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