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Ian Thompson

Independent Sponsorship Strategist

Best pitch presenter you’ve 

ever seen

I’ve rarely been on the receiving end of pitches. You’ve got to admire the way Barak Obama

delivers a speech with clarity, humility and humour.

Best sports marketing campaign (that wasn’t yours)

Guinness Six Nations campaign, a good fit well brought to life in a way that resonates with

rugby fans.

Best agency (that isn’t yours)

LimeLight Sports did an outstanding job creating and implementing the Swims Britain

campaign for British Gas



Best young industry talent

Matthew Leopold has a rare gift for getting the best out of people. He’s also ahead of the

game in terms of understanding how and why sponsorship can be so effective





Best sporting event attended

An emotional weekend away with my daughter and her U14 hockey team mates for the

national finals when they were runners up

Best sporting event on TV

The Ryder Cup. It’s the only golf I’ll watch. It’s completely compelling and rarely fails to


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Best brand ambassador 

Can’t really look beyond David Beckham. Still immensely popular and back in the pre-digital days he helped transform the fortunes of Police sunglasses.

Best Industry Event or Conference

Leaders in Sport

Best film containing a scene depicting the sports

Hard not to select Moneyball

Best book recommendation

Anna Funder, Stasiland (stories from behind the Berlin wall), it’s frightening the control a totalitarian state can have. I also recommend The Choice Factory by Richard Shotton which shines a light on many aspects of human behaviour

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Best pub or bar

Opium in Gerrard St or the Jolly Coopers in Hampton

Best restaurant

A small unassuming family run seafood restaurant on the harbours edge in Sorrento called Porta Marina Seafood. Brilliant food and service and great value.


Best holiday resort

I love the Alps; St Anton for skiing and touring around in the summer.

Best box set

Recently finished Narcos Mexico. Currently watching Last Dance on Netflix – possibly one

of the best sporting documentaries.

Best influence on your career

Richard Dean, my former business partner at Sponsorship Science



Best dinner companions (min 4, max 6)

Ellen MacArthur 

Sarah Taylor

Michael Jordan

Jenson Button

David Walsh

Best job in the sports biz 

Sports psychologist. It would be great to help athletes and teams to fulfil their potential.

Best professional regret

No regrets. Just important to learn from your mistakes.

Best skill you most covet

Being more open minded


Best trait you admire in others 

Being open minded

Best overrated virtue

Size – the biggest (and therefore safest choice) is not always the best

Best ambition 

Travel and to experience sport around the globe. Starting with the IPL.

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