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Best pitch presenter you’ve ever seen: Emmanuel Seuge.

Best sports marketing campaign (that wasn’t yours): 

Nike time and time over / Team Sky for revolutionising Cycling / Coca-Cola and the Football League.

Best young industry talent: 

Alex Groom, Cake (outstanding strategic creative).

Best sporting event attended: US Open 2016.

Best sporting event on TV: Olympic Games.

Best brand ambassador: Serena Williams.

Best industry event or conference:

 yet to experience one that really stands out

Best film containing a scene depicting the sports business:

old school looking back, Jerry Maguire.

Best film containing a scene depicting the sports business: 

Cool Runnings. Next!

Best book recommendation: Becoming, Michelle Obama.

Best bar or pub: 

The Spencer Arms, Putney (post dog walks, running, cycling) rain or shine with friends, never fails.

Best restaurant: 

Nopi (or any of Ottolenghi’s restaurants).

Best holiday resort: Pilgrim Village, Chatham, Cape Cod – down to earth escape surround by stunning shorelines of the Atlantic and Bay side of the Cape.

Best influence on your career: 

Amber Steele, always honest, open and a great friend.



Agency Director, Octagon

Jo Warnes pic_edited_edited.png

Best box set: Sopranos.

Best dinner companions (min 4, max 6): 

Becky Tyers, Jo Osbourne, Sharon Smithwell, Mel Law and Sam Chainey – long standing friends and family who inspire, support and make me laugh.

Best job in the sports biz: yet to get there (one day).

Best professional regret: 

Not moving overseas sooner to experience the wider world of sports and entertainment marketing, people, culture, business.

Best skill you most covet: Self belief.

Best trait you admire in others: Passion and belief.

Best overrated virtue: Over-confidence.

Best ambition: to keep searching and never say no.

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