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Mark Moreau

Managing Director

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Best pitch presenter you’ve ever seen  

Whilst not a pitch when I first saw Harvey Spector’s character in Suits it certainly made me smile...

Best sports marketing campaign (that wasn’t yours) 

Let’s go old school... 1998 Nike, Brazil National Soccer Team at the Airport

Best agency (that isn’t yours)

I met with Lane4 recently originally set up by Adrian Moorhouse... brilliant

business built around performance and people


Best young industry talent 

Julian Tan, Formula 1 – saw him present recently on a webinar and would definitely highlight him as one to watch for the future.




Best sporting event attended

Tricky.. there’s been so many.... For sheer crowd volume and emotion I think it has to be London 2012, Super Saturday Evening Athletics Session, although my daughter fell asleep when Mo won his gold...

Best sporting event on TV

2019 Cricket World Cup Final was spectacular.... Any close finish at The Masters or a deciding Test Match in a British Lions Series

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Best brand ambassador 

Rory for Nike or Beckham for Adidas


Best Industry Event or Conference

I’m fortunate to get invited to the Brits every year which is always a great night but my favourite client event is Boodles Tennis Tournament at Stoke Park






Best film containing a scene depicting the sports 

Two favourites... Blindside and Jerry Maguire....

Best book recommendation

Really enjoyed the story of Nike... Shoe Dog, Phil Knight

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Best pub or bar

Once again depends on the city and who you are out with.... However one that

sticks in the mind is the Blue Bar at Gleneagles.... Whisky and Cigar after a round

of golf.... Tremendous or if not there then and dinner the Outdoor Bar at The

Soho Farmhouse in Oxfordshire

Best restaurant

Le Manoir – just another level....

Best holiday resort

Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai – fortunate to have enjoyed one of their Villas for our

10th Wedding Anniversary and who should be staying opposite but one Rory


Best box set

Line of Duty.... Just brilliantly written.

Best influence on your career

My wife and kids....

Best dinner companions (min 4, max 6)

Tom Cruise

Alex Ferguson

Liam Gallagher

Andy McNab

Best job in the sports biz 

Gary Linekers’... easy life ... commentating on Football and Golf with SPOTY

every year for good measure....

Best professional regret

As my wife will tell you I’ve always coveted the idea of setting up my own business.... Who knows, one day !

Best skill you most covet 

Having the confidence to call a pre-meditated draw using my driver off the fairway on a dog leg monster par 5...

Best trait you admire in others 

Courage.... When it all goes horribly wrong having the confidence to front it out

face to face or over the phone...

Best overrated virtue

Punctuality and Manners... both have been, and always will, be free.... Yet are

often overlooked.

Best ambition 

I sat next to a father and son at the All England Club a few years ago who had taken a year out to travel the world following the greatest sporting events on

earth... it stuck in the memory. 2021 would likely be a cracker with The Lions, The Euros and The Olympics all within a heartbeat of each other...

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