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Michael Flynn

DataPOWA Founder & CEO

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Best pitch presenter you’ve ever seen  Tim Bourne - exposure CEO

Best sports marketing campaign (that wasn’t yours) Paddy Power - Huddersfield Town shirt sponsorship

Best agency (that isn’t yours)


Best young industry talent 

Sravan Krishnakumar, Data Analyst

Best sporting event attended

1999 Champions League Final in Barcelona (...the last 3 minutes of injury time)

Best sporting event on TV

London 2012 Olympics

Best brand ambassador

Gary Lineker, Walkers Crisps

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Best industry event or conference So many great conferences like Leaders in Sport & Soccerex, but best event has to be European Sponsorship Association Awards Dinner.


Best film containing a scene depicting the sports business Kez (School Football match scene)

Best book recommendation When Pride Mattered by David recommended to me by Alex Ferguson on a Taxi ride out to Champagne for a League Managers Association meeting...he also tried to buy Gianluigi Buffon on the way there (1999)

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Best restaurant

Just one? No way! Bocca di Lupo & Roka (Charlotte St) in UK are local favourites. La Tupina, Bordeaux worth a flight out for lunch or dinner

Best holiday resort

Gower in UK, but Kurumba, Maldives will take some beating

Best box set

Never watched  a box set - but loved the American Office series

Best influence on your career

My Dad

Best dinner companions (min 4, max 6) Eric Cantona, Barack Obama, Emily Maitlis, David Attenborough, Katie Bouman, Ricky Gervais

Best job in the sports biz 

Very happy at DataPOWA, but would've course loved to have made it as a Footballer for Manchester United...I did manage to play for Manchester Uni(versity) though...and did manage to sign a contract for £millions with United...but for a Sponsorship

Best professional regret

Not selling my last company sooner, to set up DataPOWA

Best skill you most covet

Making people smile

Best trait you admire in others Passion

Best overrated virtue 

Of the Aristotle's 12 Virtues? Has to be Temperance...I've never really bought in to moderation fully.

Best ambition 

Create an Industry standard 

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