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Personal Best: Alice Hall

Event Map Designer

Best pitch presenter you’ve ever seen:

Wasn’t a pitch but the best speaker I’ve seen is Baroness Sue Campbell -manages to inspire you with every word and a true asset in sport!

Best sports marketing campaign (that wasn’t yours):

Under Armour ‘Rule yourself’ with Michael Phelps - the campaign focussed on the athletes’ perseverance, hard work, passion, dedication, and determination, repeating a powerful message: “You are the Sum of All Your Training”.

Best agency (that isn’t yours):

Cuker - ‘Redefining possible’ clever strategic working on the likes of Red Bull and Nike

Best sporting event attended:

ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 – an atmosphere I’ll never forget!

Best sporting event on TV:

Tour De France – epic 2 weeks of nothing but the best in the world cycling! And the best part... it’s free to watch!

Best brand ambassador:

Max Whitlock – incredible journey transforming gymnastics and love all the work he does at a grassroots level encouraging children to take up the sport.

Best industry event or conference:

Sports Pro Live – always great panellists and a great event showcasing the ever-changing industry connecting and inspiring sports professionals.

Best film containing a scene depicting the sports business:

Invictus – can’t beat a bit of Morgan Freeman as the president and a powerful account of political history on which the fate of a nation depended on one rugby team.

Best book recommendation:

It’s not about the bike: my journey back to life by Lance Armstrong. Great book even for non- cyclists revealing Lance’s depth of character and spirit. Favourite quote: ‘Knowledge is power, community is strength and positive attitude is everything’.

Best bar or pub:

Our local pub - The Red Lion, Claverdon- great beer and great pub grub!

Best restaurant:

‘On the Rocks’ Isle Of Wight, get to cook your food on a volcanic slab!

Best holiday resort:

Not quite a resort but we went to a beautiful villa in the mountains in Pollenca, Mallorca – great escape from the real world with stunning views!

Best box set:

Harry Potter, of course.

Best influence on your career:

Sounds cheesy but my parents – always positive, good council and have supported me throughout my whole career ‘onwards and upwards’ is their favourite expression.

Best dinner companions (min 4, max 6):

I’m going for Jack Whitehall, Chris Hoy, David Attenborough and my Dad (because he’d never forgive me for not inviting him with a group of people that great)

Best job in the sports biz:

The Kieran derny official in Kieran races in the velodrome - how fun to determine the speed they all ride at and no one can pass you until you peel off!

Best professional regret:

No regrets – I believe every decision shapes you into who you are leads you to the correct path.

Best skill you most covet:

High pain tolerance, resilience pays off.

Best trait you admire in others:

Not caring what others think – I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve!

Best overrated virtue:

Working overtime – can be less productive and unhealthy.

Best ambition:

To climb Everest – possibly too ambitious but anything is possible!

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