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Calum Hopkins

Calum Hopkins

Commercial Director @ Cricket District & 9024 Media

Cricket District

Best pitch presenter you’ve ever seen:

Matthew McConaughey: If you haven't seen his speech at the University of Houston, I highly recommend searching for it on YouTube. However, when it comes to notable mentions in my career, I must mention Niall Coen (below). He's truly inspirational when dealing with potential clients, listening, adapting, and delivering while maintaining a firm but fair approach. I learned a great deal during my four years working under him at Snack Media.

Niall Coen

Best sports marketing campaign (that wasn’t yours):

This campaign really united athletes and individuals from various backgrounds. It also embodied a brand that has always wanted to make a difference by partnering with athletes who genuinely care, something I try and strive for in all the new partnerships I initiate. Young athletes kicked off the campaign on Instagram, showcasing the authentic, diverse, and uplifting essence of London, the real London. As a Londoner myself, I think they absolutely nailed it.

Best agency (that isn’t yours):

I’ve been lucky enough to work with some really cool agencies across different channels and disciplines over the years. Yet, there's something very impressive about Wasserman's approach in this space. Their global reach, innovation, diverse clientele, and reputation as forward-thinking early adopters sets them apart in a league of their own.


Best young industry talent:

My brother Luca Woodhouse (below), currently with Wycombe Wanderers, is someone I couldn't really leave out in this section. A serious member of the LFA (Left Foot Association), he possesses all the attributes needed to excel in football. I'm already very proud of him and can’t wait to see where his talent will take him.

In the context of this industry, I'd like to mention Charles Blake. I spent a significant amount of time with Charles while building our business together, and I had the opportunity to witness his talent first-hand. He possesses a keen eye for identifying potential in individuals, regardless of their background, and he demonstrates a lot of patience when nurturing young golfers. These qualities will undoubtedly help propel some of the Aspire roster right to the very top of the game.

Luca Woodhouse

Best sporting event attended:

It's really hard to choose between two. Peter Lovenkrands scoring the winner in extra time for Rangers, beating Celtic 3-2 in the Scottish Cup Final in 2002 was definitely up there. However, probably because it's fresher in my mind, it has to be watching Tiger Woods play his last Open at St Andrews in 2022 last summer. SeeingRory McIlroy doffing his cap as he was about to tee off on the 1st while Tiger Woods walked up the 18th, that was truly special.

Best sporting event on TV:

Ben Stokes, Headingley final day, 2019. Jack Leach with the most important 1 he’ll probably ever get.

Best brand ambassador:

Ben Foster's accomplishments with his YouTube channel often go under-appreciated, in my opinion. The rapid growth he achieved in such a short period is unparalleled. He provided a fresh perspective on a sport that many thought had exhausted its possibilities and captivated a young audience who might not have known him previously.

Best industry event or conference:

Leaders In Sport.

Leaders In Sport

Best film containing a scene depicting the sports business:

The Blind Side - Proof that talent can emerge from unexpected places

Best book recommendation:

Surrounded By Idiots. The Four Types of Human Behaviour. Thomas Eriksen.

Surrounded By Idiots. The Four Types of Human Behaviour

Best bar or pub:

In London, The Harp, Chandos Place. (The others will always remain best kept secrets) Harveys on draft. What more needs to be said. The sweet sweet sweetest nectar of them all.

Best restaurant:

Barrafina, opposite The Harp. Don’t call me lazy. It’s called working smart... isn’t it?

Best holiday resort:

Not to be named, it’s the most beautiful place to go on holiday for a reason, no one knows about it.

Best box set:


Best influence on your career:

Miles Lewis. He gave me my chance at Shazam, way back in 2012. When he spoke, you listened. His industry wisdom and passion were invaluable, and he played a pivotal role in my career.

Best dinner companions (min 4, max 6):

James Martin
Keith Richards
Liam Gallagher
Ally McCoist
Bear Grylls
Iain Hopkins (Pops wouldn’t speak to me again if he missed out on this dinner)

Oh, and lots of good wine

Best job in the sports biz:

Given that I am obsessed with golf I would have to say the CEO of the R&A. I could play bucket list golf courses whenever I wanted and have one of the best views for an office in the world of sports. What would also be even more fulfilling is the chance to pursue one of my main career goals: enhancing the sport's accessibility and increasing its appeal to a younger demographic.

Best professional regret:

Comparing. Comparison is the thief of joy.

Best skill you most covet:

Hitting the baby draw whenever I wish.

Best trait you admire in others:

Humility, closely followed by empathy.

Best overrated virtue:

I am a big believer that if you're good enough, you are old enough. Choosing not to listen to someone or give them a chance purely because of their age, with respect in my opinion, is a significant weakness in someone's arsenal.

Best ambition:

The only ambition for me is the health and happiness of my friends and family, and to be the best Husband and Father I possibly can be in the future.

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