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Personal Best: Chris Sice

Content / web 3 / innovation consultant

Best pitch presenter you’ ve ever seen:

Dan McEwan, McLaren - the Don Draper of F1 brand partnerships

Best sports marketing campaign (that wasn’ t yours):

AS Roma’s ‘Missing children’ social campaign. Brave, purposeful use of media

Best agency (that isn’ t yours):

Seven League - Wise, modest, smart

Best young industry talent:

Will Saunders - Gave him his first intern job. Soon realised he was the smartest on the team. Currently making waves as an ‘Englishman in New York’ at 160 over 90.

Best sporting event attended:

F1 Rocks Sao Paulo:The afterparty. Talent letting their hair down without a camera in sight....

Best sporting event on TV:

The Olympics. The Beeb do a glorious job and I’m a sucker for a ‘3 screen, 3 sport iPad / laptop / iPhone screen cocktail’

Best brand ambassador:

Jenson Button is an absolute ‘pro’. Smart, professional, natural. He’ll deliver sponsor messaging in ‘one take’ in a 10 minute shoot that would take other talent an hour and still feel ‘wooden’

Best industry event or conference:

I went to refreshingly educational web3 event a couple of weeks ago but am loathe to overpraise the Unofficial Partner event organiser for fear of being called a brownoser...

Best film containing a scene depicting the sports business:

The Four Year Plan, the QPR documentary. Extraordinary insight into boardroom buffoonery. A warning for those demanding the ‘next Drive to Survive’ before they’ve defined what ‘editorial control’ means

Best book recommendation:

Matthew Ball: The Metaverse - a ‘must read’ if you want to learn about web 3

Best bar or pub:

Hard to beat The Dove in Hammersmith on a summer night

Best restaurant:

The Pope’s Eye, behind Olympia. ‘Steak’, that’s it. Nothing else. Pokey, chaotic. Fabulous food, great atmosphere.

Best holiday resort:

New Zealand, a Xmas trip awaits. A ‘natural Disneyland’ of beauty and activities

Best box set:

Curb Your Enthusiasm: ‘My Beloved Aunt’ a memorable episode

Best influence on your career:

Lionel Richie

Best dinner companions (min 4, max 6):

Rory Mcllroy, Greg Norman, Bryson DeChambeau, Tiger Woods with Bernie Ecclestone diplomatically stoking the conversation.

Best job in the sports biz:

Stamford The Lion: Pitchside seat, half-time penalties, warm jacket. The only employee never to get sacked at Chelsea..

Best professional regret:

Not tall enough to fit the Stamford The Lion suit.

Best skill you most covet:


Best trait you admire in others:

Giving the floor to others before spouting your own viewpoint

Best overrated virtue:

Patience. Often great. Often an excuse to procrastinate

Best ambition:

A growth spurt to make into that lion suit...

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