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Personal Best: Chris Williams

Commercial Partnerships Manager at Southampton Football Club

Best pitch presenter you’ve ever seen

Not specifically because of a pitch, but Saints’ former CEO Ralph Kruger as an outstanding presenter. He would passionately recite the Club’s manifesto from memory – only he could really get away with it.

Best sports marketing campaign (that wasn’t yours)

England rugby and 02 – “wear the rose” for the way it captures the one-off nature of a world cup.

Best young industry talent

I am going to give your man Yannick Ramcke the nod. He knows his stuff.

Best sporting event attended

Time to reveal I am a badger. Boxing day test in Melbourne – we never win but
it’s a hell of day.

Best sporting event on TV

CWC final 2019 – it was being streamed on my phone in fact, unforgettable

Best brand ambassador

I like Mat Fraser for this one. Not a mainstream choice, but authentic as they come, and people want what he’s got.

Best box set

The last dance.

Best industry event or conference

Not a veteran on this front but I prefer informal events that get different
perspectives round a table. An innovation in sport dinner hosted by Phil Jones last year was fantastic.

Best film containing a scene depicting the sports business

Coach Carter.

Best book recommendation

The alchemist.

Best bar or pub

If it’s to be measured on time and money spent, the pavilion at Tunbridge Wells Cricket Club.

Best restaurant

Laginini in Hvar.

Best holiday resort

Not for me. More into an adventure.

Best influence on your career

Unknowingly to them, a vague connection who I won’t name but gave me the
advice ‘to differentiate yourself at every point possible’

Best dinner companions (min 4, max 6)

Jurgen Klopp, Chris Gayle, Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Richard Gillis & Sean Singleton

Best job in the sports biz

Professional Golfer

Best professional regret

Not making it as a professional sportsman

Best skill you most covet

Videography – I love the idea, but clearly not enough to do anything about it

Best trait you admire in others


Best overrated virtue

Temperance – go big or go home, no?

Best ambition

To explore.

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