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Portrait picture of a smiling Fran van Blerk

Personal Best: Fran van Blerk

Account Director - Digital & Data

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Best pitch presenter you’ve ever seen:

Ryan Skeggs, MD at CSM- the energy he brings to all presentations is amazing and always knows how to deliver something in the best way to different clients

Best sports marketing campaign (that wasn’t yours):

I am sure there are many, but one that stands out recently is Snapchat's AR lense integrations in stadiums in USA. They did a campaign which turned people in the crowd into Avatar characters on the big screen during breaks/ halftime

Best agency (that isn’t yours):

Mother- I like their out of the box ideas across different brands. My favourite campaign of theirs is the FCK campaign for KFC

Best young industry talent:

Will van Wingerden, Senior Account Manager at CSM. Will's passions drive him to be super innovative and forward thinking. He will drive massive change in the industry with his ideas and ambition

Best sporting event attended:

Attending 3x Tennis Grandslams and the Laver Cup in 2022- I saw so many amazing players like Nadal, Federer and Gauff. This was definitely a highlight for me!

Best sporting event on TV:

The Olympics would have to be my favourite! The gymnastics or Athletics is always exciting to watch

Best brand ambassador:

Roger Federer- he has created his own brand through his career and driven such positive change around the world

Best industry event or conference:

Sports Leaders Summit or Advertising Week events are usually amazing to go to. I like how there is always a great variety of speakers and stakeholders that bring such interesting topics on current trends in our industry

Best film containing a scene depicting the sports business:

I watched the Shaq docuseries which was fantastic. It was a great depiction of his life and how we has made himself a success by always staying true to himself and what he knows will contribute to his success

Best book recommendation:

I am more of a podcast person! I would recommend a few podcasts instead such as Sports Bizarre, Redhanded or The Diary of a CEO which are always an easy listen

Best bar or pub:

Would say the beer Mile in Bermondsey. There are always great options along the railway arches

Best restaurant:

So many in London! But Peckham Cellars or St. Johns Wood would take the cake

Best holiday resort:

Never been a resort person, but always love anywhere near a beach! Coming from Australia, this is definitely something I love going to on any holiday

Best box set:

Breaking bad is the best TV series of all time!

Best influence on your career:

Working across multiple sides of the Advertising & Marketing in various markets. I have worked in a Media Buying agency, through to in agency for a car manufacturer, to my role now in something I am passionate about...Sport. This has allowed me to understand various sides of digital and be able to bring these into the Sports Industry. Very grateful for my experiences

Best dinner companions (min 4, max 6):

Trevor Noah, Shaquil O'Neil, Roger Federer, Jurgen Klopp, Steve Carell

Best job in the sports biz:

The athletes themselves! What an amazing opportunity they have to be able to do what they love everyday and compete on a national or international stage

Best professional regret:

Not backing myself and believing I can achieve anything if I put my mind to it

Best skill you most covet:

I have a pretty fast serve at tennis...

Best trait you admire in others:

Kindness! I believe it goes a long way to spread positivity and be kind to others around you.

Best overrated virtue:

Patience, I feel that this is something that is very beneficial to all aspects of personal and working life.

Best ambition:

Driving change as a female within the industry across all regions and sports. We need more female representation in the industry to provide different ideas and create more opportunities for young women in the future

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