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Personal Best: Jamie Corr

SVP Sponsorship & Consultancy, EMEA

Best pitch presenter you’ve ever seen:

Jan Katzoff (Former Executive at SportsMark and GMR Marketing). Jan’s sports marketing expertise and knowledge is matched by his passion, energy, and enthusiasm.

Best sports marketing campaign (that wasn’t yours):

P&G’s Olympic “Thank You Mum” campaign. P&G created a truly global, emotional, and authentic connection that united 34 brands under one voice. “Thank you Mum” also provided a robust platform to leverage and activate P&G’s TOP partnership relationship with the IOC.

Best agency (that isn’t yours):

160over90. A great team of very talented individuals.

Best young industry talent:

Celina McElevey, Senior Account Director at H+K Strategies Sport. A dynamic and proactive young talent with a real passion for the future of the sports industry.

Best sporting event attended:

I had the privilege of being at the final round of the 2019 Masters when Tiger Woods won. The atmosphere at Augusta was electric and I remember thinking how intimidating it must have been for the rest of the field that afternoon.

Best sporting event on TV:

It has got to be the Summer and Winter Olympics.

Best brand ambassador:

So many examples to choose from! However, I will choose Sam Kerr who in 2019 broke the barrier in becoming the first Australian female football player to earn more than AUS$1 million in a year when she was selected to become the face of Nike in her home country. Nike made her the main feature of their Australian marketing and advertising campaigns as part of a proactive focus on women’s sport and the promotion of the women’s national team. More recently, Kerr became the first female player to feature on the global cover of EA Sports’ FIFA football game. Kerr has worked collaboratively with the brands she endorses to ensure that football continues to evolve, develop, and grow.

Best industry event or conference:

Leaders in Sport

Best film containing a scene depicting the sports business:

The scenes in Jerry Maguire where Jerry’s mentor Dicky Fox provides sage advice. Some valuable lessons included in those scenes.

Best book recommendation:

.Matthew Syed’s Rebel Ideas

Best bar or pub:

The Lacustre in Lausanne

Best restaurant:

Champany Inn near Edinburgh

Best holiday resort:

Lake Como

Best box set:

The Sopranos

Best influence on your career:

Jan Katzoff (Former Executive at SportsMark and GMR Marketing)

Best dinner companions (min 4, max 6):

Andy Murray, Tina Fey, Arnold Palmer, Eddie Murphy, Alex Ferguson and Bill Hader

Best job in the sports biz:

MD of IOC Television & Marketing Services

Best professional regret:

I would say not spending more career time at the IOC. I had a wonderful time there and worked with some of the most talented people in the industry.

Best skill you most covet:


Best trait you admire in others:


Best overrated virtue:

This is too challenging to answer!

Best ambition:

A continued focus on being the best version of myself both professionally and personally.

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