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Personal Best: Katie Baldwin

Senior Account Director

Best pitch presenter you’ve ever seen:

Claire Parnell (now Senior Director, International Communications for NFL) A comms master with a huge heart who captures you from the first moment.

Best sports marketing campaign (that wasn’t yours):

‘No More Red’ by Arsenal and adidas. Only the kind of campaign you can authentically deliver when you have such a long-standing and genuine foundation in your local community which Arsenal does, with its staff overseeing social inclusion programmes front and centre of the planning and delivery.

Best agency (that isn’t yours):

Not an agency but the Arsenal Comms team, always delivering industry-leading campaigns with purpose but also innovating and embracing (promise not all answers are about Arsenal!)

Best young industry talent :

Beth McHugh, Senior Account Manager at MatchFit. Hugely passionate and insanely knowledgeable about football.

Best sporting event attended:

The 2014 FA Cup Final – after a few barren years and awful start to the game it was a glorious moment when Aaron Ramsey scored in the 109th minute.

Best sporting event on TV:

The Ryder Cup – the whispering commentary and crazy crowds help make you feel like you’re there. And the music sting is so iconic!

Best brand ambassador:

Ian Wright MBE – authentic and unique, particularly around his support of the women’s game as a WSL ambassador

Best industry event or conference:

Definitely Sport Industry Awards – MatchFit were deservedly nominated for Young Agency of the Year this year, and it was great to celebrate work done brilliantly with the team. Always good to see industry peers and maybe stay up a little bit too late!

Best film containing a scene depicting the sports business:

The Blind Side. Just beautiful and life-affirming.

Best book recommendation:

The Romford Pele, Ray Parlour’s autobiography – I could hear Ray’s voice when reading the hilarious anecdotes from his time at Arsenal and whizzed through the book crying laughing

Best bar or pub:

The Actress, East Dulwich. Epic beer and roasts and happy pre-kids memories

Best restaurant:

Corsario, D’Alt Villa (Ibiza) Incredible food, awesome view and the best walk up through the Old Town. My happy place.

Best holiday resort:

The Centara Grand Beach Resort in Krabi, Thailand. Literally a tropical paradise with the most amazing view, but also a short walk to bars and street restaurants

Best box set:

The West Wing or The Good Wife.

Best influence on your career:

Amanda Docherty, my first boss at Arsenal. A driven and visionary comms professional who helped instil incredibly high standards while doing industry-leading work across all areas of the club.

Best dinner companions (min 4, max 6):

The Queen, Ray Parlour, Emily Blunt, Claire Stancliffe and Barack Obama

Best job in the sports biz :

Anything that celebrates the beauty and soul of football like the England para teams who we’ve been working with, who are so welcoming, inspiring, and talented.

Best professional regret:

Not doing a master’s degree when I had the opportunity because I was too occupied by day-to-day work

Best skill you most covet:

Leaving a pause in a conversation

Best trait you admire in others:

When senior staff spend time with all members of staff, not just those at their level

Best overrated virtue:

Being busy, a less manic work life brings a healthier home life

Best ambition:

To learn how to surf somewhere iconic like Maui

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