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Personal Best: Lona Price Jones

Account Executive

Best pitch presenter you’ve ever seen:

An in general presenter, John Amaechi OBE. Former NBA player turned organisational psychologist.

Best sports marketing campaign (that wasn’t yours):

The first one to make an impression on me. Adidas’, 2004 Impossible is Nothing Campaign. The likes of
Messi, Jonah Lomu, Muhammad Ali and Beckham. An all-star line-up.

Best agency (that isn’t yours):

A very tough one. All round creative? Wieden + Kennedy. From Nike to their recent AB InBev Super Bowl ad slot. They consistently deliver.

Best young industry talent:

There are plenty! To choose one would be, Gaelle Siourakan at William Hill on their Consumer Insights team. Got to know Gaelle through Twitter – she shares awesome takes and thoughts.

Best sporting event attended:

EURO 2016, Lille. England v Wales in the Lille Fan Zone, insane. Or Cardiff during the Six Nations.

Best sporting event on TV:

All round – the Olympics. Something for everyone and some of the greatest feats unfold right before you.

Best brand ambassador:

Naomi Osaka.

Best industry event or conference:

Now, the SportPro Influencers webinars are great. They have really helped in my learning of the sports business industry this past year.

Best film containing a scene depicting the sports business:

Seabiscuit, an unreal story.

Best book recommendation:

Athletes Are Brands Too by Jeremy Darlow

Best bar or pub:

Bars and pubs in Galway very much live up to the hype.

Best restaurant:

One of the few I went to in 2020, an Italian, Officina 00. Near Old St.

Best holiday resort:

Not so much into resorts but getting out and about whilst on holiday! An incredible destination is Istanbul.

Best box set:

Peep Show. Never get tired of it. So quotable.

Best influence on your career:

Parents - both had international careers, instilled a hard work ethic, and to always take opportunities when they come at you.

Best dinner companions (min 4, max 6):

If anyone: Barack Obama, Canadian Show Jumper Eric Lamaze, Oprah Winfrey, Rik Mayall, Michael Jordan, and Joanna Lumley.

Best job in the sports biz:

Photographer, to know you can capture iconic and historical moments must an incredible feeling.

Best professional regret:

Not taking on London sooner.

Best skill you most covet:

To simply allow pauses to happen in discussion.

Best trait you admire in others:

Simplifying the most complex of ideas.

Best overrated virtue:

To work long hours, both professionally and on your own personal projects. It is great to be committed and love what you do. But learn to give yourself a break. This is something I have been working on!

Best ambition:

Open a sports dedicated art and photography gallery.

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