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Lou Fargeot

Lou Fargeot


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Best pitch presenter you’ve ever seen:

Seeing Simon Sinek and Steven Bartlett on the same stage was unforgettable. Their insights have directly influenced how I approach my own work. I've not seen Scott Galloway in person, but I really enjoy his no-nonsense approach to big business topics.

Best sports marketing campaign:

Ajax melting down the Eredivisie trophy to share their victory with the most devoted fans at a time when stadiums were largely empty due to the pandemic is a stroke of genius.

Best agency/organisation:

The Professional Triathletes Organisation is not only raising the bar for triathlon, but they are also setting new precedents across the sport industry blending technology, inclusion and sustainability. Their entire team is professional and passionate.

Professional Triathlete Organisation

Best young industry talent:

Kelly Jeffery, our Team Lead exemplifies young talent with unprecedented enthusiasm to continuously grow and improve. Previously an Olympic-level swimmer, she now drives our fully remote team’s company culture by fostering an environment where everyone thrives.

Kelly Jeffery

Best sporting event attended:

I was fortunate enough to live in London's Olympic Park during the 2012 Olympic Games. The buzz in the area for the opening ceremony was absolutely electric. The loudest cheer I’ve ever heard was at Wembley Stadium for England v Peru when a paper plane was thrown from the top stalls and made it all the way to the pitch.

Best sporting event on TV:

Three events that had me glued to a screen have to be Bolt’s effortless-looking 100m world record, the infamous Euro 96 shootout, and setting up 2 TVs side by side to watch City snatch the 2012 Premier League title from United in stoppage time in a totally separate match.

Best brand ambassador:

My design background respects Steve Jobs’ pursuit of perfection in intuitive design that pioneered much of modern user experience. Alex Ferguson's interpersonal skills and ‘never quit’ ethos resonate with my leadership journey. Neither just led their brands, they completely embodied them.

Best industry event or conference:

If you’re looking for something a bit more intimate than the larger shows, with interesting topics and great attendees, I would highly recommend a visit to Leeds for a Digital Sport North event.

Digital Sport North

Best book recommendation:

Love & Work - Marcus Buckingham. I really enjoy the mix of raw feelings backed by tangible and credible data. I also think it’s important to find the things you truly enjoy doing.

Best bar or pub:

If cocktails are your thing, I recommend treating yourself to an Old Fashioned at The Last Word in Bonnie Old Edinburgh. In London town, I’m a sucker for anywhere with a view.

Best holiday resort:

One I haven’t been to yet! For me, the allure of travel is variety. Each destination offers something new and something unexpected, making each location the best in its own right.

Best box set:

Game of Thrones series remains one of my favourites. The complexities and twists throughout multiple converging stories kept me hooked all the way through. This includes the not-so-popular ending (spoiler alert) where the conclusion is a consortium of diverse personalities working collaboratively is a better approach to success than any single individual.

Best influence on your career:

I’ve worked nearly half of my life with my co-founder James Haigh so I’m hard-pressed to find anyone who even comes close. We are loosely coupled but highly aligned. Making joint decisions comes naturally but James brings a completely different perspective to the table that often challenges my own viewpoint and makes us better overall. What more could you want from a business partner?

James Haigh

Best job in the sports biz:

No job is ever quite as it seems from the outside and the perfect role is unique to each individual. I’m actively crafting my own role into one that is perfect for me by surrounding myself with great people.

Best ambition:

To savour the journey over the destination and continue to make cool shit for as long as possible.

Best professional regret:

I should have dived into professional leadership training sooner. The key principles of good leadership are tied so closely to great humanity skills and working together, celebrating different strengths and embracing cognitive diversity. The core concepts have helped me to self-reflect and improve almost all aspects of my life, not just professionally.

Best skill you most covet:

The ability to just get stuff done. It requires initiative, optimism, graft and an open mind. If you can take steps forward, the bigger picture will fall into place in the long term.

Best trait you admire in others:

Emotive Empathy. Anyone who is able to genuinely feel what people are feeling on a deeper level will communicate and connect more effectively with others. It’s something I have to consciously work on so admire when people have an intrinsic aptitude for it.

Best overrated virtue:

Balance. It’s very rarely right in the middle. I believe it’s about finding where your own personal sweet spot is for any given situation, topic or trade-off and working to keep the balance in that sweet spot as moves over time.

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