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Personal Best: Michael Rocha-Keys


Best pitch presenter you’ve ever seen:

David Keys (who happens to be my father and has been a leading journalist at The Independent since the paper started)

Best sports marketing campaign (that wasn’t yours):

Channel 4: We're The Superhumans

Best young industry talent:

Conor Kilduff (he’s developing into a top talent, and it just so happens we recently hired him at EMW)

Best sporting event attended:

World Cup Final Russia 2018

Best sporting event on TV:

Olympics 2012

Best brand ambassador:

Best industry event or conference:

Soccerex up until 2014. It was a game changer and led the way to the sports b2b conference industry.

Best film containing a scene depicting the sports business:


Best book recommendation:

Can I choose two? Kite runner and Eckhart Toll's Power of Now

Best bar or pub:

Dragon-I in Hong Kong

Best restaurant:

Yard Bird in Hong Kong

Best box set:

Game of Thrones

Best influence on your career:

David Keys, Graca Rocha-Keys, Paul Brighten, Nick Telson and Daniel Weinberg (below)

Best dinner companions (min 4, max 6):

Zidane, Materazzi, Nadal, Woods, Elon Musk

Best professional regret:

None as yet…

Best trait you admire in others:

Patience and humility

Best job in the sports biz:

Working in a role that inspires you to grow and to want to continue learning. I’d say a forward thinking and open minded rights holder (club/national team)

Best ambition:

Become the leading sports marketing agency connecting the East with the West

Best overrated virtue:


Best Influence On Your Career:

My mother

Best Dinner Companions (Min 4, Max 6)

Robert De Niro, Allyson Felix, Dan Carter, Ruth Ginsburg, Princess Diana & Freddie Mercury (If They Were Still Alive),

Best Job In The Sports Biz:

Can I say mine?

Best Professional Regret:

I’m not sure I have one (although now I’ve probably just jinxed myself)

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