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Picture of Tim Maddin playing golf

Personal Best: Tim Maddin

Senior Account Director

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Best Pitch Presenter you’ve ever seen:

Lucy Hutchinson, Head of PR at Pitch, has the enviable ability of articulating herself with simplicity and without relying on any nonsense PR jargon.

Best sports marketing campaign:

I still look back at Nike’s ‘Secret Tournament’ as a masterclass in capturing imagination. Iconic in so many ways, Nike has always been a brilliant storyteller.

Best agency (not Pitch):

The Playbook but particularly Becky Hargreaves who is a joy to work with and a great role model.

Best young industry talent:

Guy Dexter, Senior Account Exec at Pitch, has such an infectious enthusiasm to learn and support those around him. He’s also a great bloke.

Best sporting event attended:

The sheer outpouring of emotion at last year’s Women’s Euros Final was insane. It felt like a historic event to be at. Shoutout seeing Lebron James in the flesh for the Lakers too – that was special.

Best sporting event on TV:

Any golf major on a Sunday with Tiger in the mix.

Best brand ambassador:

I quite enjoy Snoop x Just Eat but this could easily be the worst too. I’m not sure but it’s memorable.

Best industry event or conference:

I used to attend a cricket writers quiz in the Long Room at the Oval which was by far the most enjoyable.

Best film containing a scene depicting the sports business:

Air is a brilliant watch and captures the risk / reward nature of marketing very well.

Best book recommendation:

Shoe Dog by Phil Knight about Nike’s creation is class

Best bar or pub:

Lady Ottoline in Holborn

Best restaurant:

Akoko in Fitzrovia

Best holiday resort:

Columbia Beach Resort in Cyprus.

Best Box set:

West Wing is brilliant and doesn’t age.

Best influence on my career:

Ross Brown, now at Shell, has always been great at reminding me not to take things too seriously and the value of cynicism.

Best dinner companions:

Jurgen Klopp, Tiger Woods, Mac Miller, Barack Obama.

Best job in the sports biz:

Golfer or golf commentator.

Best professional regret:

Taking too long to realise the value of sticking your hand up for things.

Best skill you most covet:

Being able to take something complicated and articulate it in simple terms.

Best trait you admire in others:

The ability to laugh easily.

Overrated virtue:

That time spent at a desk translates to productivity.

Best ambition:

A hole-in-one, a 147 or a 9-darter. I would be happy with any of the three

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