Start-Up Name?

Pico - Get Personal


Give us a very basic description of what you do?

Pico is a SportsTech startup that uses AI to create personalized experiences for sports fans. Pico technology is helping major leagues, such as the NBA, NHL, NFL, Bundesliga and more, solve one of the sports industries biggest challenges: identifying digital, anonymous fans. With Pico technology, teams are able to capture and segment data from their digital fan base, allowing them to create a truly personalized, 1:1 experience by offering relevant content to relevant fans.

When was the company founded?
Pico has been in the market with a working product since 2016.

Who is your founder(s)?
Pico was established by founders Asaf Nevo, Roi Mozer and Aviv Paz in Israel.


Where are you based?
Pico’s headquarters are located in Haifa, Israel with offices in Maine, USA.


How many employees do you have?
Pico has 12 full time employees currently but is growing at a rapid pace month over month.


Describe your culture in 3 words?

Ambitious. Exciting. Understanding.


What makes you unique?
Pico is solving one of the sports industry's biggest problems: unidentifiable fans. Fans are very dedicated to their teams and want to have a "seat at the table", and teams are leveraging this to generate great engagement with these fans. The problem is that most of this engagement is on their digital channels, and digital engagement creates anonymous fans. In fact, in most cases, a team would have only 2-10% of their fans data in their own platforms, and 90-98% of their fans would remain unidentifiable - which means the team doesn't really know much about them besides the fact that they have engaged with the team's content.

Pico's SaaS platform turns engaged, anonymous online fans into identifiable customer profiles to support true business objectives. Pico drives conversions from existing digital channels and increases revenue with enhanced sponsorships, tickets and merchandise sales.


Pico is a leading data provider to top-tier brands, broadcasters, leagues and teams from the USA, Canada, Europe and Israel; Pico’s structured, actionable data-sets, unique engagement and personalized communications, result in significantly higher conversion rates than the industry average. Pico was named the number one corporate partnership and brand activation technology by the National Sports Forum in 2018.


Through an automatic yet personal communication with teams fans using artificial intelligence and machine learning, the brands are targeting relevant digital fans who have been previously anonymous to them, thereby increasing revenue and fan satisfaction.


What's the ambition?
The ambition behind Pico is to allow teams to create personal experiences in the millions for fans. We want to make sure fans are exposed to relevant content and offers and not receiving the same content and offers pushed to everyone. In turn, this heightens the fan experience.


What is your biggest challenge and opportunity in the next 12-18 months?
Dominating the market. We are growing fast in Europe and the United States and we want to continue with the growth at the same speed. We are trying to get as many teams on board while at the same time growing and increasing our organization.

If your company was a sports star / personality who would you be and why?


Zion Williamson and Irling Halaand.


Similar to Pico, Zion Williamson and Irling Haaland are disruptors in their league and industry. They are resilient in their game and always pushing and moving forward to perform at their best and highest level. Both at young and at relatively young points in their career, they are creating success stories, making history, and changing the game. (Plus, we are already working with Dortmund and Haaland ;))

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