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My favourite football Youtube channels.....

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

Title image for My Top 10 Favourite Football Youtube channels

The video sharing platform YouTube has witnessed enormous growth in its role in society over the last 15 years. In our latest My Top 10, we asked Unofficial Partner intern, Cameron Wilson, to share his top 10 favourite football YouTube channels.

1) F2 Freestylers

F2 Freestylers  with Neymar

Since their launch in 2011, with the aim to entertain a global audience with skills and tricks, the pair have positioned themselves in 2021 as the largest social media influencers in football. They boast an impressive following of 13.1M subscribers on their YouTube Channel and are brand ambassadors for the likes of Adidas, EA Sports and Monster Energy. Their content ranges from bin shot compilations to freekick masterclasses with Gareth Bale and playing Teqball vs Ronaldinho. The F2 Freestylers appeal to a wide audience thanks to the variety and creativity of their work.


Robbie Lyle ofr AFTV

Founded by Robbie Lyle in 2012, AFTV (previously known as Arsenal Fan TV) has become one of the fastest growing football YouTube channels and the largest fan channel, amassing 1.3M subscribers on YouTube. The channel is dedicated to covering all Arsenal related content from a fan perspective and has led the way for a new form of sports media. The channel provides content for Gunner fans through post/pre match interviews with fans, as well as discussions with ‘Arsenal Royalty’ such as Ian Wright and Thierry Henry.

3) The Cycling GK

The Cycling GK

Watford FC’s and ex-England goalkeeper Ben Foster has created a hit YouTube channel in the last year that has built a following of over half a million subscribers. Ben has uploaded a series of fascinating videos that offer a rare insight to football fans, as he covers his match-day experience from the team hotel until post-match events. He has also signed a broadcasting deal with Sky Sports allowing him to conduct his GoPro filming in the back of the goal during matches.

4) Copa 90 Stories

Copa 90 Stories

The Copa 90 Stories channel redefined football YouTube with their fan-centric approach, enabling them to build an engaged audience of 1.27M to date. The channel’s videos aspire to enlighten viewers through their interesting documentaries, which explore the history and impact of many of the world’s biggest football rivalries and fan cultures. Copa 90 Stories videos certainly provide entertaining, informative viewing for any football fan. 5) UMM


UMM is a recently established channel that aims to target a Gen-Z audience and advocates professional athletes off the pitch as a force for good. They already have a subscriber base of c125K and over 8M views. Their content has involved footballers such as Chelsea’s Mason Mount and RB Leipzig’s Ibrahim Konate. The clips show unseen sides of their personalities via a novel creative interview format and challenges presented by popular Youtubers.

6) Hashtag United

Hashtag United

Hashtag United YouTube channel was created in 2016 by popular Youtuber Spencer Owen and originally with a team comprised of a group of friends documenting themselves playing in an innovative league format designed by Spencer. However, because of their significant online support with over 500,000 people subscribed to the YouTube channel the club has now grown to documenting the team as a semi-professional football club, which competes in the ninth tier of the football league, and garners hundreds in match-day attendances. They have even been televised on BBC in the FA cup. They won the televised game!

Editors note:

7) ProDirect Soccer

ProDirect Soccer

ProDirect Soccer, renowned for being the World’s largest online football store for boots and shirts, have also entered the football YouTube space amassing subscribers totalling more than 350k. The channel offers a variety of football related content led by popular influencers such as Chunkz and Yung Filly, covering content from first touch challenges to penalties with professional goalkeepers. The impact of the work of ProDirect’s YouTube channel can be highlighted by the fact players like Leicester City’s James Maddison and Chelsea’s Mason Mount goal celebrations and boot designs were inspired by their work with the channel.

8) Sky Sports Football

Sky Sports Football

Major broadcaster Sky Sports also provides exclusive content on their YouTube Channel which has obtained 2.92M subscribers and total views in the region of 44M. In addition to publishing match highlights and pundit analysis, the channel also provides entertaining videos with footballers such as True/False quizzes and in-depth interviews. However, their appeal to esports fans through streaming live the ePremier League has made a significant impact.

9) The Football Daily

The Football Daily

The Football Daily is a channel with 1.82M subscribers that offers daily football content presented by Joe Thomlinson. It discusses a range of topics from transfer speculations to team/player of the year debates. The YouTube channel also gained millions of views with its work with football video game Top Eleven which saw the cast get pranked by Manchester United manager at the time Jose Mourinho.

10) Thogden


The Thogden YouTube channel has 550k subscribers and 138M views. It is owned by 20yr old Theo Ogden and is a rapidly growing Football YouTube account known for vlogging unique match day experiences, such as travelling to Russia to cover England’s journey in the 2018 World cup. The channel’s interactive and entertaining style makes it very appealing, especially to younger audiences.

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