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Blessed is the tea lady

Updated: Apr 5

Nissan is finding it quite hard to make the ‘power within’ position interesting. This thought came to mind when the car brand's cricket activation popped in to my Twitter feed, which it does on an almost daily basis.

(An aside: I’ve become slightly obsessed with Nissan since they launched their branded ‘Nissan Excitement Algorithm’ which mixes the Passion for Sport cliche with the thrilling faux-certainty of data.

Nissan Cricket Ad

This is a combination recalling the great days of the McDonald's Passion Meter, which encouraged sofa based football fans to signal their interest in Euro 2012 by shouting very loudly in to their iPhones. Aside over).

The latest cricket work is in response to a solar power brief from the client, calling for a version of the Intel metaphor, of something deep and powerful lurking just out of sight. When run through a sport sponsorship, this sort of creative territory often leads to a conversation about showing 'real people' doing good works behind the scenes at the grass roots, in this case Surrey Div 1 club Beddington.

This from the initial press release lays out the thinking:

Cut to the Nissan War Room on a Tuesday morning as a group of privately educated creatives brainstorm around the theme of 'real people' on an interactive whiteboard.

Five minutes in and someone mentions the tea lady, the go-to noble savage meets posh boy nanny substitute - cue her appearance about a minute in to the Nissan clip.

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