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No Bad Ideas In A Brainstorm: The Paddy Pivot...

Updated: Apr 5

(Or, NBIIAB as the hipsters will be soon calling this section of the Unofficial Partner site, where we attempt to deconstruct campaign strategy, using rudimentary tools, like pen and paper, see below).

We had a drink with Joel Seymour Hyde on Wednesday, in that nice rooftop bar opposite Octagon's office on Chancery Lane. So we knew something was coming up from Paddy Power, and to avoid a quick response (that didn't stop me btw, but my main point wasn't about the ethics/controversy of the campaign it was more the BBC's rather peculiar attempt to play directly in to PP's hands and boosting the media return, which cos it's the beeb comes with real editorial credibility, rather than say, just another aggregation site).

The initial film was very good imho. Nicely playing to the conventions of the genre and - I thought - an obvious spoof. And it did the job of getting the right people frothed up.

Followed up a few days later with the reveal.

Rather than write a chin stroking 1000 word analysis, below is a quick and crude go at second guessing the strategy meeting conversation. Would love to know your thoughts.

Here's my initial dump on the strategy. What am I missing?

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