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The digital strategy thread: 8 conversations you need to hear now

All Models Are Wrong is a series of podcasts on the subject of digital strategy. 

The first one is with Alex Balfour, ex-Cricinfo ESPN, London 2012 and many other things besides.

When it comes to this topic, I like to ask simple questions, because the answers can get fuzzy quite quickly. So, what is it that clients ask for when they call in the digital evangelists, what's the promise, the pain that's being alleviated? What does strategy look and sound like, what are the outcomes and how often do these really help? How has strategy evolved over time, what mistakes have been made since the first dotcom boom of the late 1990s, what's the received wisdom today and how secure are today's predictions when set against the fun and games to come over the next five to ten years?

Simple enough questions, you'd think. If you want to go further in to this subject, there's plenty more coming down the road. But in the meantime, do the homework.  

#Thread: 8 conversations with digital strategists

1. Richard Ayres and his Bellwether beard of hope. 

2. Waiting for the FAANGs, with Facebook's Peter Hutton 

3. Faris Yakob the original Naked man and author of the quite spectacular book on digistrat Paid Attention.

4. Sam Seddon, IBM's sport and innovation lead shares bits of the Big Blue playbook

5. Elliot Richardson founder and chairman of Dugout, sits at the epicentre of football's digital economy

6. Oli Slipper takes us back to what strategy meant at Perform and then DAZN. 

7. Alex Willis on how digital has changed Wimbledon's worldview. 

8. Yannick Ramcke is our go-to guy for forensic interrogation of the OTT questions facing sport. 

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