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Top 10 Football Club Tweets!

The Saint's won the internet last weekend with their brilliant STOP THE COUNT tweet when they went to the top of The Premier League for just 24 hours. Is it the finest football club tweet of all time? We think so.

And so does Toby Houchin, who we asked to compile his favourite Top 10 best football club tweets of all time.

1. Southampton FC : ‘STOP THE COUNT’

2. Crystal Palace: ‘#itsnotthoughisit’ mocking Chelsea’s new alternative kit: #itsachelseathing

3. Southampton Saints: ‘Lockdown naughts and crosses vs Manchester City)

4. Roma FC : Mocking Manchester City for their away record in Italy

5. West Ham : West Ham arriving in Horse and Carriage Jibe at Jose Mourinho for saying West Ham play 19th century style football.

6. Leeds United jibe at Pizza Hut: ‘Prefer Dominos thanks…’

7. Roma troll Ronaldo when he signed for Juventus.

8. West Bromwich Albion: ‘Albion put four past a team in claret & blue for the second time this season. Where are @AVFCOfficial when you need them?’ After thrashing both Burnley and West Ham

9. Watford: ‘Dear’re welcome’ after ending Liverpool’s unbeaten record

10. Bayern Munich: ‘what time is it? Yep its ten to.’ Mocking Arsenal after beating them 10-2 (aggregate)

Compiled by Toby Houchin

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