prashant motwani.png

Age: 23

Where were you born? Jaipur, India


Describe yourself in three words: Driven, enthusiastic, collaborative


Which social media platform do you go to first? Instagram


When did you first know you wanted to work in sport?

I knew I wanted to be part of the sports industry when my passion for football, in particular, came out when I was a teenager. When I experienced the vast world of sports on my television set, I instantly knew from within that this is the world that I want to be a part of and make my career.    


What’s your dream job? To be the EVP of NIKE    


What’s your greatest fear? My fear is to not live up to the potential that I have and to miss out on the chance of exploring the vast opportunities that this world has to offer.    


You are given the power to make one change to the Olympics, what would it be? Inclusion of more professional sports not included in the Olympics yet, to showcase to the large audience and hence give exposure to those sports and increase interest worldwide.    


What mistakes do sports make when they target people like you? Not realising the potential of exposure we can give to sports on a much larger scale in terms of reach.