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Rory Stewart-Richardson

CEO of Connexi

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Best pitch presenter you’ve ever seen:

Chris Kemp - CEO of Ingenuity London - it helps having a great proposition, but his ability to adapt a conversation no matter how big the audience is, to ensure that the reason “why to buy” is told clearly.

Best sports marketing campaign (that wasn’t yours):

Nike’s controversial Colin Kaepernick

Best agency (that isn’t yours):

Ear To The Ground – I love their groundbreaking work driven by fan intelligence that they have done for the likes of ICC World Cup and Beats Collective

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Best young industry talent:

Thrown in at the deep end having never had any experience in sport, I have admired the ranks that Harry Thorne is climbing in the Sport Agents world at Footprint Sports, working with some world class athletes such as Kevin Pietersen and the Class of 92. 

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Best sporting event attended: A tough one, but for me there is nothing better then an Ashes test match at Lords!


Best sporting event on TV:  ICC Cricket World Cup final I will never forget…and people say cricket is boring!


Best brand ambassador: Simone Biles, Nike

Best industry event or conference: Sport Industry Awards always provides a great networking opportunity and an even better evening.

Best film containing a scene depicting the sports business:

Two for the Money with Matthew McConaughey looking slick as always.

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Best book recommendation:  Surrounded by Idiots by Thomas Erikson, I’m not the only one who feels it.


Best bar or pub: Chelsea Potter always had a cracking time.

Best restaurant: Granger, Pavillion Road, pretty decent food.


Best holiday resort:



Best box set:

The Capture - BBC

Best influence on your career:

I have been v lucky to have a lot of amazing mentors, but Chris Kemp took me under his wing from an early age and has continued to provide advice at the end of the phone or over a beer.


Best dinner companions:

(min 4, max 6) - Freddie Flintoff, AP McCoy, Kenny Dalglish, George Best, Jack Whitehall, Harry Redknapp.


Best job in the sports biz:

David Pugh, Global Head of Brand PR & Sustainability Communications, Global Corporate Affairs, HEINEKEN International – an old friend of mine who never seems to miss a global sports event!

Best professional regret:

Starting Connexi without a business partner


Best skill you most covet: being horizontal (in all walks of life)


Best trait you admire in others: people willingness to help

Best overrated virtue: Patience – something I wish I had more of…


Best ambition: To be playing golf everyday by the time I am 40

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