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Steve Howell

Creative Partner at Dark Horses

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Best pitch presenter you’ve ever seen

David Droga was pretty good. As too was Dylan Williams at Droga5 London. Storytellers like them don’t sell. They take you on a journey that makes buying into a brave idea the simple thing to do.


Best sports marketing campaign (that wasn’t yours)

‘Rainbow Laces’ by Lucky Generals. Like all great ideas that led to societal change, it started with outrage (by the football authorities), that began a discussion, leading ultimately to acceptance and backing by a wider audience.


Best agency (that isn’t yours)

Wieden + Kennedy, Droga5, Lucky Generals, in no particular order.

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Best young industry talent

Tom Day, director at iNSIDER productions, is a precocious talent I’d thoroughly recommend working with if you have the chance.

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Best sporting event attended

New Zealand v England, Rugby Union World Cup Semi-final, Japan, 2019.

Best sporting event on TV

AC Milan v Liverpool, UEFA Champions League Final, 2005.

Best brand ambassador

Gary Lineker and Walkers Crisps. At least it was in the beginning. More recently though, it has to be Rhodri Giggs and Paddy Power.

Best industry event or conference

Sport Industry Awards

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Best film containing a scene depicting the sports business

Forrest Gump


Best book recommendation 

‘Moonwalking with Einstein’. But I’ve forgotten the author. Which, if you know the book, is deeply ironic and definitely means I need to read it again.

Best bar or pub

Any with Guinness on tap.

Best restaurant

Frantzen in Stockholm. Closely followed by Per Se in New York.




Best holiday resort

Alila Ubud, Bali.

Best box set

ESPN’s 30 for 30.

Best influence on your career

My wife.

Best dinner companions (min 4, max 6)

Mike Tyson, Diego Maradona, Johnny Wilkinson, Serena Williams, Professor Brian Cox and Paul Merton.


Best job in the sports biz

Formula 1 driver.


Best professional regret

No regrets. Every decision has either led to a great success or a lesson learned.


Best skill you most covet

Abstention from anything indulgent.


Best trait you admire in others

Being able to work productively on a hangover.


Best overrated virtue

Staying calm. Sometimes you need some panic to put a rocket up peoples’ arses.


Best ambition

Start my own triathlon apparel company.

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