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Tom Whiteside

Sponsorship Lead Toyota (GB)

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Best pitch presenter you’ve ever seen:

Carsten Thode was able to effortlessly hold a room and brilliantly sell ideas


Best sports marketing campaign (that wasn’t yours):

This Girl Can: Perfectly timed, perfectly executed and tonally absolutely bang on.

Best agency (that isn’t yours): MATTA. They seemed to identify and capitalise on a change in the market as Rights Holders began to see themselves as brands in their own right and created some great campaigns for the likes of the ECB and FA. I think there is a lot of value in creative agencies that really understand the intricacies of sport and fan culture.

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Best young industry talent:

Alexandra Willis. She was on my Sport Industry NextGen intake in 2107 and is doing some brilliant work at the AELTC and Wimbledon.


Best sporting event attended:

Monza Grand Prix 2014 – a home race for my old client Martini and a Williams Martini Racing podium.


Best sporting event on TV:

The 2019 Cricket World Cup final was cricket at its best.

Best brand ambassador:

Dina Asher-Smith. Has really transcended athletics and is a great role model for young girls.

Best industry event or conference:

Sport Industry Awards.

Best film containing a scene depicting the sports business:

More of a documentary than a film but Icarus is an incredible piece of film making.

Best book recommendation:  Shoe Dog by Phil Knight


Best bar or pub:

The Bobbin, Clapham Old Town – my first real local


Best restaurant:

Hoppers Sri Lankan restaurant in Soho.

Best holiday resort:

Not the most glamorous but Beer in Devon.


Best box set: Peaky Blinders

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Best influence on your career: Dom Curran – whether as a manager or a client, Dom has given me so many opportunities from working in F1 to spending time with him in the US as he launched the agency in New York


Best dinner companions (min 4, max 6): It’s a pretty eclectic mix but I’m going for Tom Hanks, Paul Rudd, Serena Williams and Phil Knight


Best job in the sports biz:

Head of Sponsorship at Ineos


Best professional regret:

I left the agency world with what I imagine was statistically one of the worst personal pitch conversions on record!


Best skill you most covet:

Being able to sell anything.


Best trait you admire in others:

The ability to get the very best out of people


Best overrated virtue:



Best ambition:

I would love to end up in a senior role within cricket. It’s a sport that I love and one that I haven’t yet worked in.

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