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Will Wright

Senior Sponsorships Manager at Vitality

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Best pitch presenter you’ve ever seen:

Not a pitch but I very much enjoyed Darren Burgess speak at Arsenal – was true to himself, funny and had very interesting topics to present!

I’ve never seen him live but Seth Godin is the godfather.

Best sports marketing campaign (that wasn’t yours):

This Girl Can – It listened to the audience and conceptualised a very real human emotion to produce a campaign that continues to inspire and change behaviour at scale.

Best agency (that isn’t yours):

Two Circles – They saw a great market opportunity, and have continued to deliver insight, helping the progression of the sports industry.

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Best young industry talent:

Ed Cracknell – although he’s getting older these days.


Best sporting event attended:

Being at Super Saturday at the Olympics was very special – a captivated stadium witnessing a once in a lifetime evening.

Best brand ambassador:

Agassi for Nike – I can’t think of a more vivid example of an ambassador bringing to life a brand’s values and ambitions, enacting a culture shift in both tennis and footwear at the time.

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Best industry event or conference:

I went to a Telegraph Business of Sport conference at BT a few years ago I really enjoyed – insightful speakers, flexible schedule, great diversity in panels and expertise.

Best film containing a

scene depicting the sports business:

Free Solo – An exploration of character and also some jaw dropping viewing. Additionally, it’s interesting to get an insight in to the team and background that go in to the creation of feats like that.  


Best book recommendation:

Given the context – Penguins Stopped Play

More generally - Prisoners of Geography

Best bar or pub:

Dirty Duck, Stratford-upon-Avon (my hometown) - holds a lot of memories

Best restaurant:

Ciullosteria, Balham


Best holiday resort:

As I’m doing this in the winter, my mind switches to the mountains – Tignes / Val D’Isere or anywhere in the Alps.


Best box set:

Last Chance U

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Best influence on your career:

Graham Thompsett at Jaguar Land Rover taught me at a young age so much that I will be forever thankful for – most importantly to believe in myself.


Best dinner companions (min 4, max 6):

The Queen, David Attenborough, Michelle Obama, Sam Mendes, Yvon Chouinard, James Acaster


Best job in the sports biz:

Editing the end of programme montage VTs to music for live sports events.


Best professional regret:

Does not doing a ski season count! If not, being better at networking.


Best skill you most covet:

Speaking multiple languages


Best trait you admire in others:

Sleeping for a long time on flights


Best overrated virtue:

Natural talent


Best ambition:

To make a difference…. And run a 20 min parkrun

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