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Sports Movies - My Top 10

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

By Ishveen Jolly, CEO & Founder of OpenSponsorship

Poster for the movie 'Air' starring Matt Damon


Moneyball highlights a baseball manager who is tasked with building a winning team without having the same resources as everyone else in the industry. The manager, Beane uses statistical data to pick the most cost effective and successful players with the small budget he had to work with. The incredible success of the team proves that sometimes-overlooked players really do have a lot of potential behind them. This relates to the world of sales because salespeople are always analyzing data to figure out the most cost-effective way to operate and find the best value in what they are providing to their customers.

Still from the movie 'Moneyball'.

Ford v. Ferrari A car designer, Carroll, and a driver, Ken are hired by Ford to create a car that can compete with Ferrari. This shows an accurate representation of what it can be like competing in the business world. Ken and Carroll have to use adaptability and a strong decision-making process as they work through the creation of the car while effectively handling obstacles and making sure the Ford model can stand a chance against its competitor.

Poster for the movie 'Ford v Ferrari

Hustle Stanley Sugerman, basketball scout, brings a street player into the NBA. Sugerman received a lot of doubt from this decision, but the film goes through the process of Sugerman building the relationship with his client. Like the real business world, it is always a priority to put the client’s needs first. Sugerman exemplifies this by believing in his street player, Bo, from day one. While Bo might not be what the NBA was looking for on paper, his abilities carry him through, all of which would not have been possible if Sugerman had not fought to build that relationship and always stay true to his client.

Draft Day Draft Day shows the story of the Brown’s general manager having to work his way through the NFL draft. Weaver, the manager, is faced with a tough decision between two players and must decide what option is going to provide the best outcome for the team as a whole. As Weaver evaluates his choices, important lessons about negotiation in the decision-making process are touched on. Weaver acknowledges that there are pros and cons to each scenario and at the final decision all participants involved should be benefiting or receiving something in some way.

Jerry Maguire Sport agent Jerry Maguire loved what he did and was extremely driven, until it is brought to his attention that he has lost the personal touch needed in the industry. Maguire started seeing his clients as cheques rather than the humans that they were. His change of heart reminds him that the relationships with the people he is working with are the most important for success. In the process Maguire finds himself again and is reminded that his job with his clients has purpose and is not just a number on a cheque.

Field of Dreams The famous quote “If you build it he will come” plays a large role in this film. It sets the idea that if you create something, like a business, customers will follow in. While the idea might not be as magical and instant in the business world as it is in the movie, it does still apply. It puts an important emphasis on the fact that you must be the one to build the business in order for customers to come to you. You are putting out all the resources for them, they just have to decide to use them.

Million Dollar Arm This film exemplifies how teamwork and determination can help one through hardships. Not everything in life comes easily, in fact most things do not. Million Dollar Arm recognizes this and shows that just because something did not work out the first time does not mean to quit, but rather persist on and just work even harder towards the goal.

Rashmi Rocket Rashmi Rocket tells the story of a young girl who is an extremely talented runner. She begins to compete at the national level, but some people begin to question her abilities. Rocket’s talent ends up with having to be gender tested to confirm her identity. Rocket is ultimately banned from the Olympics, but fights back and shows how these tests are highly discriminatory. Rocket ends up winning her case and is allowed back to compete. Rashmi Rocket takes a stand and sends a message about discrimination of LGBTQA+ athletes everywhere, reminding people what unfair treatment they are still having to put up with.

Air Air gives the journey of Nikes relationship with Michael Jordan and how they got back into the basketball industry before their competition kicked them out of the industry whole. Sonny Vaccaro, Nike’s basketball scout, made sure that he knew the competition inside and out because it was the only way they were not going to take over Nike’s spot in the industry. Vaccaro also made sure that the customers’ needs took priority over everything else. Without satisfied customers, the company has no way of progressing. Finally, Vaccaro knew he had to be persistent. It did not matter how many no’s he got as long as he kept believing in the value of the product.

Chak De India Kabir Khan, an ex-Men’s Hockey captain with a rocky reputation, takes a position with a Women’s Hockey Team. Working with this team is new territory that Khan is not familiar with, and he already does not have the best reputation attached with his name.

Working with the Women’s Team teaches Khan a lot about breaking the stereotypical ideas of women as his team shows him, they do not fit into these stereotypes with all that they do just for their sport. On the other hand, Khan teaches the women the importance of being a team rather than just an individual. Khan shows the women that in order to be successful they have to think of each other as a unity.

Ishveen Jolly is CEO & Founder of OpenSponsorship which connects brands to athletes.

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