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Tech Trends for Sports Organisations in 2024

Performance data analysis of sports stars is becoming more sophiscated

As we navigate into a new year, the sports sector is steadily upping its tech game. Not traditionally the trailblazer in technological advancements, the industry nonetheless presents exciting developments in the next 12 months. With the world spinning into another lap of the sun, we're spotlighting key trends that are gaining traction, set to influence the sports experience in the year ahead:

1. AI Evolution: Power Play in Sports Tech

AI Evolution: Power Play in Sports Tech

2024 will see AI's ascent in sports. Beyond ChatGPT's buzz, AI is set to bolster sports professionals, not bench them. Embrace this tech evolution; it's not just about keeping pace, it's about wielding new power. AI will speed up content production, sharpen officiating, and drive smarter business decisions. Expect AI to craft customised fan experiences and streamline the nuts and bolts of sports ops, from training regimes to travel plans.

2. Live Data: The Uncharted Game-Changer

Live Data: The Uncharted Game-Changer

Live data in sports is still in its infancy. The surge in wearable and sensor technology, coupled with emerging AI video analysis marks just the beginning. The true game-changer lies in transforming raw data into insights, story-telling narratives and decision-making in real-time. This enriched data will boost fan experiences with immersive second-screen features, add depth to broadcasts, assist officials, and enrich betting markets.

3. Performance Analysis Revolution: Insights at Play

Performance Analysis Revolution: Insights at Play

Performance analysis in sports will take a step up in 2024. Driven by advances in analytics and aforementioned AI, coaches, team managers and sports medical professionals will have the data to devise strategies that can be adapted on the fly, even mid-match. This level of insight will redefine preparation and in-game tactics, making every second of play an opportunity to optimise and react.

4. Niche Communities: Crafting Connected Cultures

Niche Communities: Crafting Connected Cultures

Expect sports organisations to actively embody their ethos of inclusivity and diversity through technology. There's a trend towards creating bespoke micro-communities, moving away from sprawling, unregulated social media to more intimate and exclusive platforms that consciously cultivate culture and community. Fans are also increasingly gravitating towards these niche spaces where they can shape the conversation.

5. Visual Evolution: Dynamic and Data-Driven

Visual Evolution: Dynamic and Data-Driven

The visual language of sports is undergoing a dynamic modernisation. Influenced by the immediacy of gaming and the vibrancy of esports, this new visual language is fast-paced and concise, designed to captivate and hold attention. It’s not only for the younger generations; these crisp, engaging visuals are universally appealing. Augmented reality and live data are already making an appearance at live events, enhancing second-screen experiences, and revitalising traditional broadcasts. Expect more engaging and dynamic visuals to get you closer to the action in 2024.


The digital transformation in sports has been a slow burn, but will now be set ablaze by AI's maturation. The technologies we've discussed are not stand-alone marvels but parts of a greater whole, each magnifying the others' impact. As 2024 unfolds, these innovations promise to elevate every facet of sports, delivering unmatched performance insights and a next-level fan experience that's as thrilling as it is transformative. Together, they're not just changing the game— in 2024, they're redefining it.

Lou Fargeot is a director and co-founder of We Are Sweet

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Tom Kuhr
Tom Kuhr
Apr 14
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Digital transformation is really starting to take hold in sports now that digital engagement is a core objective for sports orgs.

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